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#GreeceDebtCrisis ‘ #Greferendum shows Country’s Government Strong & will not be toppled – Officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – #GREECE Update: July.07: The outcome of the Greek referendum shows that the country’s government stands strong and will not be toppled, Greek Foreign Ministry’s Secretary General for International Economic Relations and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ brother, Giorgos Tsipras, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

ATHENS (Sputnik), Anna Liatsu – The Sunday’s referendum in Greece will help the ongoing negotiations between Athens and the EU as Greeks had supported the country’s government’s stance, Giorgos Tsipras said.

“I think after the Greek referendum it will be much easier for the issue to be settled between Greece and the European Union institutions. First of all, because models are now simplified, there is no worry that the Greek government can be toppled, or anything else like this,” Tsipras said.

According to Tsipras, Athens is unlikely to turn to other creditors, and finding a solution to the current crisis is the only probable outcome.

“I think the only probable scenario is for these negotiations to conclude. The main reason why they did not conclude until now was not economic, but mainly political. Maybe there were thoughts about another Greek government, different from the Syriza government. I think these thoughts are now defeated after the referendum.”

Greece’s last-ditch attempts to reach an agreement with its international creditors may yield a long-awaited deal before July 20, Giorgos Tsipras told Sputnik.Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is currently in Brussels for the Eurogroup’s meeting on the Greek crisis. The meeting was followed by an emergency summit of the Eurozone leaders.

Asked when the new deal should be expected, Giorgos Tsipras, responded, “before July 20.”

“It is of course the matter of the creditors and the other European Union institutions. I think this or the other way… it has to be concluded,” Tsipras told Sputnik.

European officials continue to stress that Athens should remain being member the Eurozone despite defaulting on a $1.7-million loan to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a 61.3-percent “No” referendum vote rejecting creditor demands.One last-minute option available to Greece is a loan within the European Stability Mechanism, which Finnish Finance Minister Alexander Stubb said he expected Tsipras to request “in a few hours.”

French President Francois Hollande, while echoing other European key figures’ calls on Greece to commit to reforms, said it was time for Europe to show solidarity with Athens and issue immediate aid.

Greece will not turn to outside bodies if its current international creditors reject a last-minute offer, Greek Foreign Ministry official and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ brother, Giorgos Tsipras, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Greece will not turn to outside bodies if its current international creditors reject a last-minute offer, Giorgos Tsipras said.

“I do not want to think of this perspective because it is a very bad perspective.”

“The main reason why they did not conclude [negotiations] until now was not economic, but mainly political,” Tsipras noted, adding that “the only probable scenario” is a deal to be reached.


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#P5+1+Iran: ‘ Senior Us Official says Iran will face Restrictions on Missile Program ‘

#AceNewsReport – VIENNA: #P5+1+Iran Update:July.08:  A senior US official has said Iran will continue to face restrictions on its missile program under an emerging nuclear agreement.

Tehran will also be limited in trading conventional arms, the official added, as cited by Reuters. The official, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said there were still differences between the two parties. The 5+1 group and Iran are still trying to reach a nuclear deal, which would restrict Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but in return Tehran would get relief from Western economic sanctions.

The nuclear agreement between Tehran and six world powers will be reached either tonight or by tomorrow morning by the latest, a high-profile Iranian source told TASS. The source stressed that this decision cannot be postponed. The work is “very serious and hard” and it continues to go on with tensions rising and ungrounded speculations being distributed.

“It’s we’ve got a lot of unanswered questions, but we’re sure we can solve them,” the diplomat said. “Everything is going to be all right,” the diplomat added.


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BRITAIN: ‘ Residents of Sleepy Hamlet’s Lives Destroyed in 48-Sex Orgy ‘

#AceNewsReport – BRITAIN:July.07: Residents of a sleepy village in Gloucestershire were left scandalized over the weekend when the UK’s largest sex festival set up camp, bringing with it ‘intolerable’ levels of noise.

Swingfields 2015 took place in the hamlet of Flaxley in the Forest of Dean, a small community of just 30 people.

Some 500 swingers turned up for the event, which is dubbed the biggest UK lifestyle festival of the year, outnumbering local residents nearly 17 to one.

The villagers, who had no idea the festival was taking place until they saw banners reading “3 is the magic number,” expressed their shock at the “intolerable” noises emanating from the field.

It was quite a shock when we went down to the gates on Thursday night to ask them to keep the music down,” one local said.

Let’s just say when we saw a banner with the words ‘3 is the magic number’ and a variety of interesting images we knew this wasn’t just your usual music festival.”

Villagers said they should have been told in advance about the event, which began last Thursday at 12pm and ended Sunday at 2pm.

The location was kept secret from ticket holders until two days before it began in order to keep the festival “discreet and secure.”

The sex festival boasted hot tubs, a sauna, market stalls selling adult toys and a “pamper zone” offering massages and manicures.

“The fact is, it is not even about the nature of the festival as people can do what they like in private,” another villager said.

It’s the noise which has just been intolerable. It has been 48 hours of hell. I have had just four hours of sleep since Thursday.”

We keep going to ask the organizers to turn the music down and have contacted Environmental Health and the police, but nothing has been done,” they added.

Another villager said the location of the festival was inconsiderate given that children live in the area.

The fact that people can come into our village without any regard for our community which includes a large number of young families is just repulsive,” the unidentified resident said.

Tickets to camp at the festival started at £315 (US$490) for a two-person bell tent and went as high as £555 ($865) for a North American hand painted Sioux tipi.

The only dress code stipulated was that attendees must have their bottom halves covered up.

While single men were able to attend, there were a limited number of places in order to ensure “a perfect balance for all guests.

The first Swingfields festival was held in 2013 in Worcestershire and saw 250 swingers attend.


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KABUL: ‘ Women’s Rights Activists Decry Overturning Death Sentence of Mob Killing ‘

#AceNewsReport – AFGHANISTAN:July.07: Dozens of protesters, mostly members of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan and women’s rights activists, gathered outside a shrine in Kabul on Monday, AP reported.

The rally was staged at the scene where a woman had been murdered by a mob earlier this year, with the protesters denouncing an appeal court that overturned the death sentences for four men convicted for taking part in the mob killing into prison sentences.

Carrying posters and shouting, “We want justice!,” the protesters said the court’s decision paved way for the killers to “go free tomorrow.” The killing of Farkhunda Malikzada in March was one of the most recent high-profile cases of abuse and violence against women in Afghanistan.

Farkhunda was beaten, burned and thrown in a river after having been falsely accused of burning a copy of the Koran.


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EGYPT: ‘ Thirteen Members of Muslim Brotherhood Detained over Alleged Acts of Terror on the Suez Canal ‘

#AceNewsReport – EGYPT:July.07: Thirteen members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been detained in Egypt for allegedly planning acts of terror on the Suez Canal.

A terrorist cell, including a Suez Canal employee, planted bombs in various areas around the canal, according to security sources.

In a recent series of police operations at least 91 members of the Brotherhood were detained and 9 killed.

The August 6th opening of a new part of the Suez Canal is also under threat of attacks by Islamic State which actively operates in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula.


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EU: ‘ Boats Carrying Refuge Seekers Carry Islamic State Militants – Eurojust ‘

#AceNewsServices – EU:July.07: The boats that bring refugee seekers across the Mediteranean to Europe can also carry Islamic State militants, Michele Coninsx, head of the EU’s judicial cooperation agency, Eurojust, told AP.

“It is an alarming situation because we see obviously that these smugglings are meant to sometimes finance terrorism, that these smugglings are used sometimes to have and ensure exfiltrations and infiltrations of members of Islamic State,” she said.

Several European agencies have been mobilized to tackle the situation, she added.


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YEMEN: ‘ Saudi-led Coalition Conduct Massive Air-Strike Killing More Civilians ‘

#AceNewsReport – YEMEN:July.07: Saudi-led coalition forces have conducted a massive airstrike against Houthi rebels in a marketplace in the Fayoush suburb of Aden, the Yemeni seaport, killing at least 45 civilians, Yemen security officials told AP on condition of anonymity.

The officials added that more than 50 civilians were injured in the strike.

UN estimates put the death toll from the conflict in Yemen at more than 1,400 people, many of them civilians, since the Saudi-led air campaign began in late March.


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