Breast-Feeding in Infancy May Shield Adults from Depression.

It is has been thought for a long time that mothers milk has awesome properties and can protect an unborn child and provide a stronger immune system, later in life.The problem in this world of smoking,drugs and alcohol abuse,children are getting the results of a mothers neglect of her body!

Rivers of Hope

People who were breast-fed as infants may have a lower risk of depression in adulthood, a new study from Germany suggests.

Researchers looked at 52 people, whose average age was 44, who were being treated for major depression at  an inpatient facility, and compared them with 106 healthy people who had never been diagnosed with depression. Participants were considered to have been breast-fed if either they or their mothers said they had nursed for at least two weeks.

Results showed that 73 percent of those without depression had been breast-fed, whereas 46 percent of people with depression were breast-fed. The association held when researchers took into account factors that could affect participants’ risk of depression, such as age, gender and mother’s level of education.

Additionally, the researchers found that how long a person had been breast-fed did not matter in terms of their depression risk.

While the finding suggests a link…

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