` Niger turns over the son of the late dictator `Moamer Kadhafi ‘ to Libyan Authorities ‘

#AceWorldNews says that Niger has turned over a son of the late dictator Moamer Kadhafi to Libyan authorities, Tripoli said Thursday, as a government-allied militia released pictures of him in captivity.

The government said Saadi Kadhafi, who fled across the Sahara desert to Niger during the 2011 uprising that saw rebels capture and kill his father, ending his four-decade dictatorship, was in Libyan custody.

The Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade, a militia made up of former rebels, released five pictures on Facebook of a disconsolate-looking Saadi in a blue jumpsuit getting his head and beard shaved.

He knelt on the floor as his hair was removed by a man wielding an electic razor.

Libya’s government said he would be held in accordance with “international standards regarding the treatment of prisoners”.

Saadi Kadhafi was best known as the head of Libya’s football federation and a player who paid his way into Italy’s top division.



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