#AceNewsServices – Featured Report:WASHINGTON:April.21: The US State Department has designated Greek activists Christodoulos Xiros (Marxist November 17 group) and Nikolaos Maziotis (anarchist Revolutionary struggle) as ‘terrorists’.

The announcement automatically freezes any of their property under US jurisdiction. Washington previously expressed concern over a pending bill that could see urban guerrillas released from jail and placed under house arrest.

Greece argues the bill aims at improving the country’s prison system and relieving overcrowding.

Toc.gr reported:

"Christodoulos Xiros was one of the chief assassins of 17 November, until his arrest in 2002. In January 2014, Xiros was serving multiple life terms at the Korydallos Prison near Athens, Greece, when he disappeared while on furlough from the prison, after being granted temporary leave to visit his family in northern Greece".

"17 November was active beginning in the 1970s through the early 2000s, claiming attacks against Greek politicians and businessmen, as well as Western interests. After his escape, he publicized a manifesto focusing on his discontent with the Greek government".

"Xiros was re-arrested by Greek police in January 2015 while planning to carry out armed assaults in Greece, possibly with the intent to free other prisoners.

At the time of his arrest, Xiros was likely coordinating with members of Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, a group designated by the State Department under E.O. 13224 in 2011".