INDIANAPOLIS, IN. An Indianapolis woman is now facing charges after #police said her 3-year old son accidentally #shot and #killed his 5-year old sister – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Jan.19: Mother has been charged after 3-year-old son accidentally #shot and #killed 5-year-old sister with a gun that was in her purse with the safety catch off and unattended … Editor

WTDN reported it happened at an apartment on Newburg Drive last December.

Asia Turentine, 23, is facing one felony count of neglect of a dependent resulting in a death and one felony count of neglect of a dependent.

Investigators said she told them she left the gun in her purse and thought the safety was always on.

Turentine remains in the Marion County Jail for what investigators said happened on New Year’s Eve. It all began when #police responded to a call for a 5-year old #shot.

“Well, it’s a needless travesty that has occurred that’s non debatable,” said Greg Burge, owner of Beech Grove Firearms.

Greg Burge is the owner of Beech Grove Firearms and has heard about this story before.

“I have raised children, I have had guns in my home,” he said. “A 3-year old child is never acceptable getting his hands on a loaded gun.”

Court documents show Turentine’s 3-year old son, grabbed the gun from her purse while she was sleeping and shot his sister in the head.

Turentine told investigators she woke up to the gunshot and her daughter screaming. She said she did not know there was a bullet in the chamber.

“As a father I couldn’t imagine losing my child to a needless tragedy again this is needless,” he said. “There are items out there that could prevent this as well as the adult responsibility.”

Burge said one option could be a gun safety lock. Owners can run the cable of the lock through the cylinder of the gun, lock it up, and keep the key.

Burge said his store partnered with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and they’re giving the locks away for free.

“Unfortunately it’s these tragedy that will educate the public,” he said. “Okay, I can get these locks from a deputy or this store.”

Burge said the program started about six years ago and since then they have given away more than a thousand locks.

Court documents also show the mother told investigators she doesn’t have any experience with guns and has never fired one before.

An initial hearing for Turentine is schedule for Thursday afternoon.

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