#AceBrexitNews – 15:24:07/02/17: UK to Fall Back on Alternative Arrangements for Trade With EU If Post-Brexit Deal Fails – Brexit Minister – So are we starting to see the real #Truth of #Brexit Means #Brexit rewritten as #Brexit as long as we keep the voters happy and this time the ‘ Lady might be Turning – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Feb.07: As anyone who knows me my way is if uncertain l keep my ‘ Powder Dry ‘ until l can see the mist clear and the mirror shows the shadow in the background lurking … So it us with #Brexit and what l call ‘ Dilly Dallying in Politics ‘ today it was reported that moves are a foot to fallback onto the EU should #Brexit fail at 15:24: UK to Fall Back on Alternative Arrangements for Trade With EU If Post-Brexit Deal Fails – Brexit Minister

Laurence Dobbs of the Telegraph reported that if MPs were to shoot down the Government’s deal then Britain would “fall back on other arrangements”. In other words, we would default to the standard rules of the World Trade Organisation.

That would be about the hardest possible #Brexit, coming with a host of extra complexities and a very sudden exit from the Single Market (with all the tariffs and rapid regulatory confusion that implies. Even Philip Hammond says this would “not be the most favoured outcome.” Nicky Morgan called it a “welcome concession“, but Chris Leslie called it “Hobson’s choice“.

Alarm bells start ringing … Oh we still have at 15:38: UK Labor Leader to Use Three-Line Whip in Forcing Party Members to Back Brexit Bill – Reports … But it brings a little less ‘ #Brexit Means #Brexit and more like #Brexit as long as we can keep everyone happy … A typical Tory adage … I do hope we are not seeing woman this time that is for turning and WTO is no better for the UK than the EU … More soon … Editor

#AceNewsDesk reports

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