WHITE PLAINS, New York. A mother of two who worked as a psychologist for the #NYPD admitted Friday that she #shot her husband in 2013 – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Feb.19: A mother of two who worked as a psychologist for the #NYPD admitted Friday to putting a gun to her husband’s head and pulling the trigger.

As CBS2’s Lou Young reported, Emily Dearden of Yonkers had sunglasses on and her head down in the cold wind as she left court Friday. Dearden, who once helped screen police recruits for the NYPD, pleaded guilty to shooting her husband three and a half years ago.

She had no comment except for a car door slamming shut.

In the courtroom, NYPD Psychologist Admits To Shooting Husband In HeadDearden – who has been suspended from her #NYPD psychologist job – admitted to firing an antique Derringer at her husband, Kenneth Dearden, outside their home near the Bronxville-Yonkers municipal line in November 2013.

Kenneth Dearden woke up with a bullet in his jaw. His wife initially reported an intruder in the home, but police came to focus on her as a suspect after she hastily washed the clothes she wore that night and was seen removing items from the house.

A recently-fired Derringer in the basement sealed the deal.

Originally charged with attempted murder – a charge that carries a penalty of up to 25 years – her attorney said the reduced-charge guilty plea for attempted assault is a good deal.

“This was a fair resolution. It was a resolution proposed by the District Attorney’s office out of a concern for everybody,” said attorney Paul Bergman. “I mean, it represents a resolution that she regarded as a fair one, and her husband as well.”

Emily Dearden now agrees to serve three and a half years in prison and has been ordered to stay away from her husband. She will only see their daughters during supervised visits, many of which will take place under lock and key.

“She probably would end up getting moved to a medium or minimum security facility,” said attorney Kerry Lawrence.

The deal means there will be no trial, and details about a boyfriend in Texas and pressure to end the marriage will not be disclosed publicly.

Emily Dearden was suspended from her job at the #NYPD when she formally charged. The conviction means the end of her career at the Police Department as well.

Formal sentencing for Emily Dearden is set for June 7. The NYPD told CBS2 Dearden resigned from her post late Friday afternoon.

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