NEW YORK: FALSE NEWS: Is on the RISE even in the Areas of ‘ ‘ LAW AND ORDER ‘ with the latest about ‘ ICE ‘ NOT just ‘ FALSE STORIES ‘ but ‘ ‘ FALSE PROPHETS ‘ acting on the STAGE of ‘ IMPERSONATING ICE AGENTS ‘ Sparking FEAR in Woodside, Queens IMMIGRANT Communities – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Feb.25: Donald Trump’s tough talk on immigration is reverberating in New York’s melting pot… As ‘ False News ‘ is growing across the country …

Is this TRUE OR FALSE or will False News become the #TRUTH as readers no longer know what’s the REAL TRUTH FROM THE FALSE PROPHETS waking the Earth …

Con artists and scammers have apparently seized on the recent, high-profile deportations of immigrants in the US in order to rip off people afraid of being detained and removed from the country.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued an urgent fraud alert on Thursday, warning immigrant communities in the state about reports of fraudsters impersonating Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to intimidate immigrants and demand money.

“It is unconscionable for scam artists to prey on heightened fear in our immigrant communities by pretending to be ICE officers and demanding that families pay up in order to avoid deportation,” Schneiderman said in a statement.

“I urge communities to protect themselves by learning about these potential scams – and contacting my office if they suspect fraud. We will continue to use all of the tools at our disposal and bring to justice those who commit fraud against our immigrant communities.”

A statement from the New York attorney general’s office said it had received reports of calls and in-person inquiries made by people claiming to be immigration officials.

“For example, one immigrant living in Queens was approached by four men dressed as ICE agents,” the statement said. “The purported ICE ‘agents’ told the man that he was going to be detained unless he gave them all of his money.”

The attorney general’s office has provided Civil.Rights — and states that it will never inquire about the immigration status of those who contact the office.

ice immigration raidIs this TRUE OR FALSE ?

A foreign national is arrested during a targeted enforcement operation conducted by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) aimed at immigration fugitives, re-entrants, and at-large criminal aliens in Los Angeles, February 7, 2017. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement via Associated Press

Immigration officials across the US have stepped up their enforcement in recent weeks. These actions have attracted criticism and, in some areas, public protests.

Last week, ICE agents stopped and detained several Latino men leaving a church shelter in northern Virginia. This week, ICE agents detained a 23-year-old Mexican man in Seattle who was in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, known as DACA.

In the latter case, ICE has claimed the man had gang affiliations, but has declined to say how it knows that. The man’s representatives have vehemently denied alleged gang involvement.

In Denver, a Mexican mother of four has taken sanctuary in a church to avoid deportation after ICE officials denied her a “stay of removal.”

In light of this increased enforcement, the New York attorney general’s efforts to get people in targeted communities to come forward about fraud may get little response. Despite promises to not reveal the immigration status of people reporting crimes, undocumented people and others in the immigrant community are likely to be wary of interacting with authorities.

In a case that may only deepen that suspicion, an undocumented woman in El Paso was detained by ICE agents after she obtained a protective order alleging that she was the victim of domestic abuse. ICE agents may have detained the woman on a tip from her alleged abuser, who was already in custody.

As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reports, false stories about widespread immigration sweeps are going viral across social media and creating a climate of fear.

It looked like a ghost town inside the Mexican restaurant run by Cesar Rodriguez along Port Richmond Avenue on Staten Island.

“It has been very slow,” he said.

Rodriguez said his business is down more than 50 percent since bogus reports of widespread Immigration and Customs Enforcement checkpoints at places like subway stations started popping up on social media. One warned people they could even be stopped on the 6 train.

“Because everybody’s afraid to come, everybody’s afraid to walk on Port Richmond, where there’s been fake news about raids,” he said.

False Stories About ICE Sweeps & Checkpoints Spark Fear In New York’s Immigrant Communities ICE has been targeting criminal, illegal aliens in New York City and around the country, but a spokesperson told CBS2, “reports of ICE checkpoints and sweeps are false, dangerous and irresponsible.”

“There’s people that are afraid to leave their homes. There’s people that stopped going to work,” said immigration advocate Fahd Ahmed, of Queens.

Ahmed is trying to stop the misinformation.

” A lot of people are putting up reports about suspected ICE raids online and they just proliferate and spread like wildfire,” he said.

With so much confusion and fear on the streets, scam artists posing as ICE officers are targeting immigrants in Woodside, Queens, demanding cash and threatening deportation.

“First and foremost, no ICE officer, no police officer, no officer, would ever seek money in exchange for not being detained,” said City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

The councilman said four suspects dressed like ICE agents conned $250 from a terrified immigrant.

“We don’t want any immigrants in our community to be so fearful that they have to give their money, as this man did,” Van Bramer said.

“They have to be more informed about what’s going on around them,” Rodriguez said, hoping his customers will come out of hiding.

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