CAIRO,Egypt. People riot on the streets as government imposes tighter bread rationing restrictions on certain people whilst other avoided the cuts – #AceNewsDesk reports for – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Mar.10: Riots break out across Egypt as government cuts bread rations again but only for the many not the few as rising prices on the worlds commodity markets keep the poorer citizens hungry – #AceNewsDesk reports ..

Hundreds of Egyptians protested across the country on Tuesday in response to a change in the distribution of bread rations that many are reliant on the New Arab media reported.

Protesters blocked roads and surrounded government buildings amid fears that the government was cutting food rations by stealth, as some were left without their ration.

Rising food and energy prices could be here to stay Josette Sheeran at the UN’s World Food Programme puts it well: “If people don’t have enough to eat they only have three options: they can revolt, they can migrate or they can die.”

Shortages of all commodities can cause hardship, but only food and water exact the ultimate price. It is no wonder that spiralling prices are grabbing the headlines again.

A perfect storm of problems has driven food prices even higher than in 2008, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, which said last week that its main index had hit its highest level for 20 years.

The rise to a new peak in January was the seventh monthly increase in a row and there is little prospect of a reversal in the near term.

Catastrophic weather is a key driver, with a major snowstorm in the US dumping 20 inches on some parts of the grain belt. US wheat prices hit a two-and-a-half year high last week.

In Australia, a massive cyclone has added to the misery of the recent floods, threatening the country’s important sugar cane crop. As the chart shows, the price of sugar has tripled in three years.

No wonder countries around the world are hoarding food in a bid to protect their citizens, even though this can only exacerbate the crisis. Indonesia bought 820,000 tonnes of rice last week while Algeria, with one eye on developments in neighbouring Tunisia and nearby Egypt, bought a million tonnes of wheat.

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