ROME: Volcanic #explosion on Mount Etna injures 10 people including members of BBC film crew working in the area on Thursday – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Mar.16: Ten people were injured in an eruption on Mount Etna on Thursday when magma flowing into snow caused a violent #explosion that sent stones and rocks flying into the air, emergency services said.
?m=02&d=20170316&t=2&i=1176834308&w=&fh=545px&fw=&ll=&pl=&sq=&r=LYNXMPED2F1BXReuters reported that a Volcanic explosion on Mount Etna injures 10 people Amongst those hurt near the summit of Etna on the island of Sicily were members of a television crew filming for the BBC.

“Running down a mountain pelted by rocks, dodging burning boulders and boiling steam – not an experience I ever ever want to repeat,” the BBC’s science correspondent Rebecca Morelle wrote on Twitter.

“BBC team all ok – some cuts/ bruises and burns. Very shaken though – it was extremely scary,” she said.

Italian officials said six people had to be taken to hospital, but none were in a serious condition.

Etna is Europe’s most active volcano. After a quiet couple of years it burst into action in February with repeated explosive eruptions that sent orange plumes of lava into the air.

Thursday’s explosion was the result of a so-called phreatomagmatic eruption, caused by magma hitting water — in this case snow.

(Reporting by Crispian Balmer; editing by Richard Lough)

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