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#AceNewsReport – Mar.18: Angela Merkel called on Saturday for Europe to set about standardizing rules on using data in Europe, ahead of a visit to the CeBIT technology fair in Hanover where digitalization is expected to be in focus.

Reuters reported Germany’s Merkel calls for standardized European rules on using dataWe want to create a digital single European market. That means we need to have legal situations that are as similar as possible in all European countries,” Merkel said in her weekly video podcast.

A key issue is determining who owns the data and the related copyright issues, Merkel said, adding: “We’re still discussing that.”

She said that in the automobile sector, for example, it was important to clarify whether data belonged to carmakers or software manufacturers because it was possible to develop new products with the data about clients.

“We need to very quickly and uniformly implement legislation in Europe regarding copyright laws and the ownership of data,” she said.

(Reporting by Michelle Martin; Editing by Stephen Powell for Reuters)

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