#AceSecurityNews – Social Media #1 Chat Avenue website. NOT PROTECTING YOUR CHILD as one woman who poses as under-age child finds out she was bombarded with explicit messages within minutes – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Mar.19: Thirteen too young as another case of ‘ Social Media ‘ not looking after those people that are ‘ Underaged ‘ namely a ‘ Child ‘ thirteen is not the right age being allowed to enter these chat rooms without some pervert propositioning then for sex or worst, as in the case of one woman who l applaud who went undercover and this is what she found – #AceNewsDesk reports


The Mirror News reported that a Woman poses as under-age child in chat room and is bombarded with explicit messages within minutesHannah Stanley was left stunned after online predators asked her to appear on a webcam and tried to convince her to take her clothes off or perform sexual acts

Hannah Stanley was left stunned after online predators asked her to appear on a webcam and tried to convince her to take her clothes off or perform sexual acts

A woman has issued a warning for parents after she posed as a child in an internet chat room and received several sexually explicit messages from adult men within minutes.

Hannah Stanley, 19, set out to find out first hand how suspected paedophiles prey on children after a young relative was sent inappropriate messages from perverts.

She was left disgusted as online predators contacted her, asked her if she had a webcam and tried to convince her to perform sexual acts.

Despite stating that she was only 13 one man asked her if she had ever seen a man stroke his penis and several asked her to take her clothes off, the Daily Post reports.

Daily Post
Hannah Stanley was left stunned after joining the chat room

One man asked her what she was wearing, if she has been “making boys happy” and if she had a camera on her laptop computer.

Another person claimed to be 19 and pleaded with her to go on camera, writing: “I just wanna see your bra”.

Hannah, from Criccieth, North Wales, said the men sent the messages while she was on the #1 Chat Avenue website.

She said: “When (my relative) showed me some of the messages she’d received, I knew it was not the right place for children.

Luckily she is quite old for her age and knew not to reply, but there are plenty of youngsters out there who would be easily taken in and so I had to do something to raise awareness.”

She added: “I went into the ‘teen chat’ forum and it was full of people older men with their conversations quickly progressing into something more sexual.

For everyone who messaged me, I made sure I told them several times that I was only 13 but they didn’t care at all, they continued trying to groom the 13-year-old me. “Some were still asking me to take my clothes off, perform sexual acts and go on webcam, I was shocked and horrified at how easily it was for them to make contact.”

The chat room gives users options to take part in various chats including adult, boys, girls, dating, gay, lesbian, kids, live and camera chat.

Hannah has warned parents about online predators

Hannah said: “Teen chat specifies that you must be aged between 13 to 19 however there seems to be no monitoring of who is on which chat room and it is very easy to lie about your age, it’s frightening really.

“I just wanted to warn teenagers and their parents about these forums to raise awareness because I don’t think it’s a very safe place.”

A spokesman for the website said:

“The chat rooms are moderated by volunteer moderators. However, in this particular case it appears there were no mods present at the time and/or the conduct occurred in private chat.

Users are encouraged to bring any incidences to one of our moderators attention. We do have moderators that try to cover the rooms as much as possible.

“Users can report the incident to a moderator in our forums to get the attention of a moderator more quickly.”

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