SYRIA: Mosul Civilians TURNED into #REFUGEES flee their HOMES in their 1000’s as REBELS START NEW ATTACK on Damascus on Sunday creating even more #refugees as they push back rebel held areas – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Mar.19: Rebel factions launch ‘ New Offensive ‘ close to Damascus as government forces push them as the final assault on Mosul is taking place displacing thousands of civilians being turned into #refugees with no place to go #AceNewsDesk reports

Syrian rebel factions launched a new offensive targeting regime positions on the eastern fringes of the heavily fortified capital at dawn on Sunday, rebel sources told The New Arab. Syrian state televisionlater reported that Syrian government forces were trying to push back the rebel groups.

Al-Manar TV Lebanon reported that Iraqi Forces Close in on Mosul Mosque as Residents Flee

Iraqi army helicopters strafed and fired rockets at ISIL positions in Mosul’s Old City on Sunday as troops on the ground closed in on the strategic and symbolic prize of the al-Nuri Mosque.

Federal Police troops had advanced past the train station in western Mosul closer to the mosque. A police commander said they were very close to taking control of it.

Residents fled from the area, carrying bags of belongings and picking their way through the wrecked buildings as shells and gunfire echoed behind them. Most of them were women and children.

Federal Police and Rapid Response forces resumed their advance after halting operations due to bad weather. The troops have a target of retaking the rest of the Old City,” a #police spokesman said.

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