WASHINGTON: Private prisons are becoming the norm as Donald Trump seeks out ways to make ‘ Jail Mean Jail ‘ BUT also ‘ Make Them Profitable ‘ but by a ‘ Tweak ‘ in the Law in 2015 it has prevented the once lucrative charges for probation services being curtailed – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Apr.16: Probation for profit just got less profitable, in Georgia, anyway and the millions made in 2016 for these services maybe waning but with rise in detention of immigrants and changing the rules profits will soon be the new order of the day of making all states prisons profitable – #AceNewsDesk report

A modest change to the state’s law in 2015 has caused Sentinel Offender Services, the state’s largest private probation company, to abandon the once-lucrative business of charging people for their own court-ordered supervision.

But 29 other private probation companies still operate in Georgia and in the first three quarters of 2016 they collected almost $18 million in fees.

New rules for jailing undocumented immigrants.

Needing bed spaces for the immigration detainees it plans to round up, Trump officials want to eliminate jailhouse rules designed to ensure the health and safety of those detainees.

THE NEW YORK TIMESreports that the plan by federal immigration officials would reduce federal oversight, give more discretion to local sheriffs, and roll back due process protections even for those who have not been convicted of any crimes. “Jail is jail,” says one local sheriff in response.

REUTERS reported how Trump has already won his first immigration battle, over mothers trying to come to America with their children.

Courtesy of TMP’s Beth Schwartzapfel has our story. THE MARSHALL PROJECT TMP Context: Georgia, a petri dish for justice reforms. THE MARSHALL PROJECT

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