#Brittius says highest paid #police in United States (Glamour Boys) can’t catch this perp doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes just someone with mathematical ability or all these types of criminals will start thinking they are some kind of media villain like Dillinger – Time for ‘ Constitutional Carry ‘ #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Apr.19: This s the News and Views of our Ace US Reporter on today’s post: LONG ISLAND: Police are investigating another knife-point robbery, this time at a Subway restaurant, in Suffolk County authorities say after he struck again on Tuesday evening – @AceNewsServices
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Brittius says Pathetic. Highest paid police in the United States, and the Glamor Boys cannot catch the guy.

Those are PATTERN robberies. One doesn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes, it only takes someone with mathematical ability.

Now, the perp is trying to change things up a bit as news media brings him some sort of Dillinger notoriety.

If the county #police of both Nassau and Suffolk, cannot figure it out, detail NYPD RIP [civilian terminology: “Robbery Identification Process”/police terminology: “Robbery In Progress”] Teams, to Long Island, and the perp will be in a body bag with a tag on his toe in no time flat.

Flip side of the coin, look at the footage, the guy is becoming increasingly more violent and will soon become a celebrated murderer.

Liberal administrators, make me sick. The perp now needs to be killed.

This is a perfect example of why Constitutional Carry, is needed. Any shop staff or customer, armed, ends the spree. Forever.

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