#Brittius says ‘ Don’t Always Blame The Cop ‘ every kid wants to be ‘ Dillinger ‘ in the 1980’s in NYC there was a law passed, that toy guns were to be brightly colored, so that it could readily be identified as a non-firearm but ghetto kids wanted to be tough so painted them black and now even today kids use BB guns and some die #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – May.09: This is News and Views from our Ace US Reporter Brittius on this post on Monday by #KTLA and published by ourselves: SAN DIEGO: Police #killed a police 15-year-old who pointed a BB gun at officers on Saturday an investigation is underway into the incident #AceNewsDesk

#Brittius says a most tragic incident however, in the late 1980s, and early 1990s, similar incidents were occurring in New York City, and there was a law passed, that toy guns were to be brightly colored, such as fluorescent orange, or yellow, so that it could readily be identified as a non-firearm.

Then ghetto kids would want to be “bad”, and spray paint the toy, black. It led to deaths, which are justified, because #police had Reasonable Cause to Believe, the weapon was real. Many robbery men, until they procured actual stolen guns, would, obtain a toy gun and paint it black.

In police training, we used colored handguns under certain training conditions. If I recall correctly: Red, a non-firing weapon. Yellow, a functioning non-firing weapon. Blue, a slug or blob that was once a gun or rubber injection molded gun.

Have I arrested kids with guns? Yes.

Some kids aspire to be Dillinger. The first kid I arrested with a gun, committed a robbery and people milled outside as the drama played out on the street. I was new to the streets. I ran twelve miles a day. I did not want to risk a missed shot injuring anyone, so I ran after the kid and tackled him. He fought. He swore. He hit me with his gun. He kissed the concrete pavement a few times. All of the other cops responding and the sergeant, gave me high holy hell, for not shooting the suspect. I saw that he was a teen. He was fifteen years old. It was back in the days when police did not wear bullet resistant body armor. Looking back on the incident many decades later, I continue to be glad that I did not have to shoot the kid.

Newspapers would have plastered me on the front page and had a flaming field day with it.

Conclusion, make toy guns a different color than real firearms, and something like a colored band if it is a BB gun, which can kill or maim, but the response to a dangerous condition, could possibly spare a life.

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