WASHINGTON: President Trump proposed a dramatic expansion of the law at the center of the administration ’s fight against sanctuary cities — changes that could enable the federal government to forc e cities like San Francisco for shielding immigrants #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

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Tucked in Trump budget plan, new bid to punish sanctuary cities
Published on May 23, 2017 at 04:11PM by By Hamed Aleaziz
Tucked deep in Trump’s budget plan, which was released Tuesday and faced immediate scrutiny from legislators, is a proposed rewriting of U.S. Code 1373, which says cities cannot block employees from communicating with federal officials about individuals’ immigration status.

Under the proposal, which prompted outrage from San Francisco officials, the government could condition Homeland Security and Department of Justice grants on guarantees that cities comply with the expanded scope of the law. […] the proposal states that grant recipients may be required to send the federal government information on the “nationality, citizenship, immigration status, removability, scheduled release date and time, home address, work address, or contact information” of all inmates and crime suspects.

The move came nearly a month after a federal judge in San Francisco blocked the Trump administration from enforcing an executive order seeking to cut funding to cities and counties with sanctuary policies.

Tuesday’s proposal, immigration law experts said, could be a response to the ruling, which said the president was exceeding his constitutional authority and that such funding conditions could only be imposed by Congress. The proposal, contained in a 1,284-page appendix of Trump’s budget plan, came a day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions signaled publicly that the administration was narrowing its effort to gain cooperation from sanctuary cities. […] advocates for immigrants say jail officials who are asked to honor immigration holds should not do so because of the possibility of detaining U.S. citizens, increased costs, and legal liability related to incarcerating people beyond.. #AceNewsDesk

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