LONDON: #GE2017 UK’s @theresa_may eyes ‘implementation phase’ for post-#Brexi t trade deal: Doesn’t really cut it as campaign pledges go but losing out on polls, MP accused of expenses s candal, lies and fake news and tax dodging donors: Time for Plan #B is worth a try #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – As Tories future leader is buckling under the pressure from all sides be it scandal over expenses, ads that don’t tell the whole truth and her inability to look you straight in the eye, when questioned she has to come up with a new strategy what better than #Brexit as today she says UK’s @theresa_may eyes ‘implementation phase’ for post-#Brexit trade deal with EU problem is she does not have any paddles for her canoe in the EU camp and can only promise … Wait for it YOU CAN TRADE WITH OTHER COUNTRIES after #Brexit.. But that’s at least two years away .. And in the meantime ???? Editor #AceNewsDesk says

RT asks Has ‘May-bot’ malfunctioned? PM’s popularity ratings crash under election pressure as she dodges local radio interviews, skipping a televised leaders’ debate, dwindling popularity in the polls: there’s growing speculation that Prime Minister Theresa May is buckling under the pressure in the run-up to next week’s general election.

Things not going too well .. Here’s why ?

1/ Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay has been charged over his election expenses. He has been under investigation for alleged overspending in the 2015 general election.

2/ Allegations of tax dodging and fraud as Conservative Party has scooped almost three times more in cash donations than Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, bagging up to £10 million from some of Britain’s wealthiest men and women.

3/ British broadcasters have given up on polls ahead of the June 8 general election because they are a “waste of time.” as they don’t show Tories in a good light as they are losing votes ..

4/ Conservatives have been accused of spreading fake news after one of their propaganda videos was edited to suggest Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had seemingly refused to condemn the IRA.

NEXT .. More to come Editor

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