#FBI Birmingham, Alabama. Phishing For Your Photos: Getting into these people’s personal lives in a deviant manner excited him,” said Special Agent Emily Celeste, who investigated the case out of the FBI’s Birmingham Division #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – July.03: Maldonado stole and downloaded thousands of photos from unsuspecting women for more than a year, and they never knew it until the FBI notified them #AceNewsDesk reports

https://goo.gl/mkfemG The case came to the FBI’s attention when some of the recipients of Maldonado’s e-mail who were suspicious of the message notified their provider, who, in turn, alerted the Bureau. Working collaboratively with the company, the FBI was able to trace the e-mails back to Maldonado’s computer in Birmingham, Alabama.

While some of the photos Maldonado stole were explicit, others were simply everyday pictures of children, pets, and family get-togethers. Unlike some similar cases where stolen information is released to embarrass victims, Maldonado kept the photos on his own computer for his own use.

“You have pictures of your kids all over your phone, family moments, and he harvested them for himself,” Celeste said. “It was just disgusting.

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