#Washington Turning the Defence Forces into Robots that could easy be controlled to Turn on their Maker as Tech Companies Gear Up for Autonomous Weapon Systems & Troops #Darpa #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewServices

#AceNewsReport – July.24: The second-highest-ranking general in the U.S. military last Tuesday warned lawmakers against equipping the armed forces with autonomous weapons systems… Gen. Paul Selva warned lawmakers that the military should keep “the ethical rules of war in place lest we unleash on humanity a set of robots that we don’t know how to control #AceNewsDesk reports

Top US General Warns Against Rogue Killer Robots Published on July 24, 2017 at 01:30AM The Hill: I don’t think it’s reasonable for us to put robots in charge of whether or not we take a human life,” Selva told the committee. There’s already a Defense Department directive that requires humans in the decision-making process for lethal autonomous weapons systems. But it expires later this year then what happens next ?

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