(BRITAIN, NI) #HurricaneOphelia Batters Ireland as the sun Turns Blood Red as a Third person has died as a result after tree fell on to man’s car in Dundalk, Irish police say as it turns inward towards the UK coast and over the east of England #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Oct.16: As an enormous Atlantic storm batters Ireland, a related phenomenon is turning heads further east over in the United Kingdom.. There, the sun has turned a deep red color, casting orange light over the south of the country #AceNewsDesk reports

A Met Office spokeswoman told TIME this was caused by winds spinning in an anticlockwise direction around Hurricane Ophelia as it formed over the ocean…..These winds have brought north sand from the Sahara desert and dust from wildfires burning in northern Spain and Portugal, along with an unseasonably warm temperature……..Just like the way sunsets are sometimes red, excess particles in the atmosphere can change the colour of the sun in the daytime………These particles scatter light particles they come into contact with, reflecting the blue end of the spectrum back into space and leaving only red light to penetrate the lower reaches of the atmosphere……..Some Brits took to Twitter to express their reactions on Monday afternoon……..References to apocalyptic scenarios dominated:live footage of getting my afternoon coffee http://pic.twitter.com/0gZuVIFCDm— Mark Di Stefano 🤙🏻 (@MarkDiStef) October 16, 2017’Food production is up 56% in the year since the incident. We are winning the war in Unified Europa. And as always, Big Brother is watching’ http://pic.twitter.com/okwEmCiR2W— Amitai Winehouse (@awinehouse1) October 16, 2017Live webcam view of Birmingham #redsun http://pic.twitter.com/XYfD9G2iP7— Richard Heathcote (@voiceoverartist) October 16, 2017#London is looking SPECTACULARLY SEPIA, mega eerie, never seen it like this 🌬🐫🐪🐫 #SaharanDust #FireParticles #Opheila #RedSun Tomasz S http://pic.twitter.com/soyR5ANKXs— BBC Weather (@bbcweather) October 16, 2017Surreal skies over #London due to #Ophelia #REDSUN #StormOphelia #Sepia #sahara http://pic.twitter.com/ufSaOVmVpP— Timothy Powell (@TCP1980) October 16, 2017Tonight’s commute gonna be like… #redsun http://pic.twitter.com/M2NUntfscJ— Laura Round (@LauraRound) October 16, 2017 Man dies in chainsaw accident after trying to remove tree downed by #Ophelia in County Tipperary, Irish police say #AceNewsDesk reports are provided by Sterling Publishing & Media News

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