#Brittius says on Trump signing Mental Health Bill for Police: This is long overdue, l am damaged goods, survived married 45-years, with divorce rates at highest level, you see humanity in all its forms, & witness deaths and funerals of fellow officers it’s ‘ Gut Wrenching ‘ So thank you Mr President for your acknowledgement of the ‘ Thin Blue Line ‘ #AceNewsDesk says …

#AceNewsReport – Jan.13: This is another great #Brittius News & Views on this post on Friday: President Donald Trump signed a mental health bill on Tuesday intended to help law enforcement officers struggling with mental health issues: The law will make grants available to initiate peer mentoring pilot programs
https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2018/01/12/washington-president-donald-trump-signed-a-mental-health-bill-on-tuesday-intended-to-help-law-enforcement-officers-struggling-with-mental-health-issues-the-law-will-make-grants-available-to-initiat/ #AceNewsDesk reports

#Brittius says this is long overdue Just like military veterans received their bill only days earlier…….Police suicides are very high……..Divorce rate among police are the highest in the nation for any group of people: I am damaged goods, and a high mileage model, from the word go. How I remained married is a mystery. Soon to be 45 years. Stress from the Job, also causes alcoholism and as a group, I suspect the numbers for those using some form of drug or medication has to be minor……Why do I bring any of this up? Simple. I have stood on the thin blue line, at Inspector funerals for those killed in the line of duty and, attended funerals of those who committed suicide. Then there are the illness deaths. But life is what it is
Nobody ever addresses reducing service time for retirement other than vesting the pension after fifteen years, or whatever any other municipality has for a pension system under the collective bargaining agreement………Rather than a job where people count calendar pages, until twenty years goes by, why not have enlistments? A cash, longevity pay, along with a sign-on bonus………..Ability to collect the allotted portion of pension when the commitment is fulfilled…………If people desire to line up other work in other fields, they have the perfect way out, and it could reduce or eliminate stress…………It would also enable others to sign-up for maybe a year or two, and get to walk a mile in a cop’s shoes. Everything is smiles, until all bloody hell breaks loose………Not so much gunplay, but a lot of physical strength dragging people down flights of stairs, and fighting those who desire to send you home in a box……..You get to see man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man……….You get to witness and partake in the suffering of other people. You even get to run out of tears……….Baggage piles up. Your heart will at times sink down to your guts. You will get to learn how to throw a switch in your head, so that you may go home as a human being………….I flushed my head out at times with liquor……..Every ounce of your character will be tested to the limits, and at times, you must realize that the situation is just too big for even, you, and there is nothing more that you can do without stepping over a legal line and going out of bounds………A mental health bill for police, a relief, and hopefully a life saver. Thank you, Mister President

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