REPORT JUST IN: Last night at 02.30 00.30 GMT, the Israeli Defense Ministry together with the US Department of Defense conducted a successful test of the Hetz 3 anti-missile system designed to intercept ballistic missiles above the atmosphere,” the ministry said #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Feb.19: The Hetz 3 has successfully fulfilled its task, the ministry noted. The launch was held in the central part of Israel under the leadership of Israel Aerospace Industries and Israeli Air Force #AceNewsDesk reports

Israel Missile Arrow 3
© AP Photo/ Israel Aircraft Industries
Missile Glitch: Israel Cancels Another Arrow-3 Interceptor Test

The Hetz 3 is a system that intercepts ballistic missiles during the space-flight portion of their trajectory, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) carrying nuclear, chemical, biological or conventional warheads. The reported flight range of the Hetz 3 missile is up to 1,500 miles and may be used as an anti-satellite weapon.#Israel & US successfully test #Hetz3 exoatmospheric anti-missile system
Sputnik February 19, 2018:

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