(BEIJING, China.) Emperor Xi has now been appointed ‘ Supreme Ruler ‘ and he starts by appointing his backers over corruption and within days ten people are arrested over backyard diet pill business : As he issues a ‘ stern warning’ ‘ don’t listen and be swayed by pillow talk ‘ as he cracks down on graft: But people fear as local media are using language once more associated with Mao Zedong to say he was a “leader loved and respected by the people” and “helmsman of the country” as communism is back in power once again #AceNewsDesk

#AceNewsReport – Mar.18: With pictures of ecstatic citizens standing in applause, happily tearful legislators and even a social media game, China’s propaganda drive has kicked into high gear following Xi Jinping’s unanimous reappointment as president: Xi’s face dominated the front pages of major Sunday newspapers, many carrying the same editorial from the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily using language once more associated with Mao Zedong to say he was a “leader loved and respected by the people” and “helmsman of the country” #AceNewsDesk reports

“The voyage of a great country cannot do without a helmsman,” the paper wrote.

The military’s official People’s Liberation Army Daily pledged its loyalty to Xi in its editorial, saying his election would ensure the country’s long-term peace and stability. Xi is also head of the armed forces, the world’s largest: There was never any doubt that the largely rubber-stamp parliament would not have re-elected Xi as president on Saturday, especially following a constitutional amendment a week earlier which lifts presidential term limits, meaning Xi can stay on indefinitely.

While the amendment was passed with just six dissenters – two no votes, three abstentions and one invalidated ballot – none of the roughly 3,000 legislators voted against Xi, a point made repeatedly in state media coverage: State television showed images from the floor in the Great Hall of the People of some legislators in tears after Xi swore an oath to the constitution following his re-election, a vote it described as a “solemn and sacred historic moment”.

In a moment of high political theater, a copy of the constitution was carried onto the main stage by three members of the armed forces:

Other pictures on state media showed ordinary people standing in applause in front of television screens around the country at Xi’s re-appointment.

The government has presented this month’s parliament session and its controversial removal of presidential term limits as widely welcomed despite criticism that has evaded the censors and seeped onto Chinese social media at times.

Social media accounts of state media have leapt into action to offer their support, even as the comments sections have either been disabled or only show supportive remarks from users.

Late on Saturday, the People’s Daily WeChat account went live with a game where players have 20 seconds to press the screen as many times as they can to register a “like” for all the government’s achievements of the past five years, Xi’s first term in office: The top-rated comment on Sunday morning was one user proudly saying he had pressed “like” 181 times.

“Press like for Uncle Xi!” wrote another user, using a popular term of endearment for Xi: China propaganda kicks into overdrive as ‘helmsman’ Xi re-anointed president https://t.co/iQ5kPKkCjBpic.twitter.com/JhsbhIx4uK— Reuters Top News Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie March 18, 2018:

Chongqing, led a crackdown on alleged gangs that was later shown to have also been used to target his political rivals. People who had been arrested and jailed later described being tortured and having their assets stolen by the authorities: In the new campaign, some police stations have posted quotas for how many criminals they sought to apprehend, and local publications have touted recent arrests
“In one week, 1,481 people were captured,” said a headline in a business newspaper in central Henan province. It said more than 10,000 officers were participating in the sweep……………One Henan police bureau said it would give 30,000 yuan ($4,740) to anyone who reports crimes by mafia-like organizations that end up being prosecuted………..A police station in central Hubei province displayed its anti-gang efforts on the Twitter-like Weibo platform with images of officers inspecting businesses and questioning people in a dark room……..Police are spreading the message by holding public gatherings and meetings, handing out brochures and festooning buildings with banners………The attention to so-called organized crime adds another notch to Xi’s anti-corruption drive, which has taken down more than a million low and high-level officials since it was launched six years ago…….Political commentator Hu Xingdou said while the anti-graft campaign strengthened Xi’s grip on power at the top, the gang crackdown is aimed at “winning support from people at the grassroots level.”………..An opinion piece on the website of state broadcaster CCTV warned that while “high enthusiasm” for the crackdown is a positive thing, local authorities should not be “swept away” by quotas………Wang Guoqing, spokesman for China’s political advisory body, assured reporters that the anti-organized crime campaign would not become a competition between local governments seeking to improve their political records…….“Every case should be ironclad and able to stand the tests of history and the law,” he said:

Sunday SCMP reports ten people arrested in China over backyard diet pill business using banned appetite suppressant : Ten people will face trial in eastern China for allegedly making and selling weight-loss drugs containing a banned substance, touting them as popular diet pills from Germany.: Police claimed the profit margins from the multimillion-yuan diet pill operation were greater than those of some kinds of drug trafficking, Chinese media reports said. The pills were made in a rural workshop in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, and laced with sibutramine, an appetite suppressant banned in China since 2010:

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