#Brittius says .. It will not stop: People who use drugs believe they know how to get over on anything, and will do whatever they can to secure their drug connections………When the city had people dying from heroin and crack, the drug users did not give up anyone. The Angel Dust epidemic, again, people wanted drugs above anything and politicians and lawyers sided with junkies: Abortion and drugs, are the 21st century population control devices………. People love the two……..Both involve death #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – May.21: Editor says here is another #Brittius News & Views on the ‘ drug problem ‘ in US following this post on Sunday: https://acenewsservices.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/brooklyn-nyc-nypd-twenty-five-people-have-been-hospitalized-in-the-same-area-of-brooklyn-after-having-negative-reactions-from-whats-believed-to-be-synthetic-marijuana-known-as-k2-according-to/ #AceNewsDesk reports

#Brittius says the junkies started selling methadone. Some horded their own, others found sources who gave methadone for money, knowing that it was being sold on the streets. None of the drug addicts even considered their drug addicted newborns. They left them in hospitals and from their mouth to my ear said that it was the City’s problem, not theirs…………..Courts again turned soft:

Lawmakers failed to raise sentencing. Doctors said it is a sickness to be treated. Politicians want to side with junkies because the same family members who neglected the children, will promise to vote for any liberal politician promising to protect the addicts’ right to use illegal narcotics. Then there are the dope pushers with stethoscopes. It remains a never ending, never halting, revolving door, and the imbeciles point fingers of blame at the police. Most people have never been with drug addicts when the suffer and die.

Today, police have narcan, which cancels the effect of drugs but believing that it is a magic wand, is a very bad mistake. Too many times, marijuana, or other drugs, including the synthetics, start out because people think they can use it without consequence. I have seen bad people, indifferent people, and some very good people, on the streets, and suffering, because of their drug use. If and when a drug dealer is arrested, some defense lawyer will always for money, defend the dealer and vilify the police: ……….Abortion and drugs, are the 21st century population control devices………. People love the two……..Both involve death.

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