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“Good Morning To All Of Our Readers “

As most who read our news daily all ready know, we strive to tell you the truth behind that story. Well in today’s world of so much corruption, lies and skull duggery we find ourselves in the enviable position ,of being able to report on a number of areas.

So l decided as “Editor in Chief ” to set-up ” Front Page Daily News” so when you visit our site all the day’s news will be on a simple easy to find and read news page for 24 hours.

So any reader can sign up for our news letter and will receive everyday our latest news articles

‘ Hot Off The Press ‘

As a byline and as l have been asked and emailed so many times by readers ,l am introducing a weekly ” Guest Reader Spot ” whereby any reader using any of our news sites can add their own slant on a story ,or provide their own all for ” FREE And With Guaranteed ” network coverage, across our social media sites.

So if you have anything to sell or would like to be feature your business idea, product or really anything you would like to say, drop an email with your details to me by adding a comment to this front page.

Kindest regards, 

Editor in Chief (Ian) Ace Worldwide News Group


Please leave your news and views and links. Editor.

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