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So all l can say is a great big thank you from the Ace News GroupThanks in all languages   


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Girl whose wish inspired mass Christmas carol celebration dies

#AceChristmasNews says Girl Whose Wish Inspired Mass Christmas Carol Celebration Dies of Leukemia at Aged 8″ and we mourn the “Little Angel” who brought a Community together in song #GodBlessLaney


By Josh Levs and Steve Almasy

(CNN) — A little girl whose Christmas wish inspired thousands of people to sing in the streets died overnight.

Laney Brown, 8, suffered from leukemia.

“Our little angel on earth earned her pink glittery angel wings in heaven,” a post on an official Facebook page about her said. “She took her last breath at home in her bed at 3:10 surrounded by all her family and friends. I miss her so much already.”

Delaney Brown of West Reading, Pennsylvania, “inspired a community and touched hearts across the world,” as CNN affiliate WFMZ put it.

She loved music and dancing.

Her dying wishes were to meet country music superstar Taylor Swift and for some people to come by her house for a night of caroling.

On Friday — her birthday — Laney and Swift video-chatted through FaceTime, a software application that allows callers to see…

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The “real” Christmas Day the 26th

#AceChristmasNews says ” Reflections on #Christmas ” by Limbiley’s Blog an small extract: The fake people, fake affections, polite conversations, it all starts to creep back up and real life begins to return but it really won’t hit till early January.
#AceNewsServices says if we really search our hearts we can see many of these people in our lives ,not all not many but just a few, so we should feel sorry for their empty lives, so full of self-loathing and lacking in Christmas cheer – a present given should have no price ,no value or worth, except knowing that it is the thought that counts
#MustRead if only for what it says about the state of the human condition.

Limbiley's Blog

Now that that’s over with;
The fake people, fake affections, polite conversations, it all starts to creep back up and real life begins to return but it really won’t hit till early January.

A fellow blogger pointed out something about Xmas that reflected my feelings completely,how she put it again? oh yeah “cruella deville all year long and want to smile at Xmas”. All this stuff  about its a special time of year that we show our loved ones that we truly care and appreciate them makes me sick.Question comes to mind then that isn’t this something we should be doing all year round anyway?

I mean I don’t need a special day to prove to my loved ones that I care about them and fellas if you are using this day to show how much you care for your ladies/family then something is wrong there as it is…

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“Merry Christmas To All Our Readers”


“Every Picture Tells a Story And This One Speaks Volumes For Those Willing To Listen”   




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UK: Urged by Government to Not Forget our Armed Forces Abroad at Christmas

With just 50 days to go, kind-hearted members of the public are reminded to show their support through service charities this Christmas.

In previous years, the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has received a high volume of gifts and parcels intended for personnel on operations in Afghanistan and around the world, including Royal Navy ships.

As this mail can cause delays to personnel getting post from loved ones, members of the public are being urged to donate to existing service charities instead.

Soldiers sort mail bags
Soldiers from the Royal Logistic Corps working through the early hours of Christmas Day to sort mail bags (library image) [Picture: Corporal Jamie Peters, Crown copyright]

Head of the BFPO, Colonel Stephen Heron, said:

As we get closer to Christmas it’s important to remind people who, though their generosity is appreciated, the most important thing for our men and women on operations is to receive mail from their loved ones.

With this in mind we are urging the public to donate to recognised service charities, which can use their experience to focus their efforts directly on what will be of most benefit to deployed service personnel.

The public is also reminded that, due to the ongoing redeployment of UK personnel and equipment as responsibility for security is handed over to the Afghans, there will be significantly fewer UK troops in Afghanistan this Christmas compared to previous years.

How to show your support

British soldiers with their uk4u Thanks! Christmas boxes
British soldiers serving at a forward operating base in Helmand, southern Afghanistan, with their uk4u Thanks! Christmas boxes (library image) [Picture: Corporal Dek Traylor, Crown copyright]

The best way to support personnel on operations abroad is to make donations to approved charities such as uk4u Thanks! which works withBFPO to make use of any spare space in the existing supply chain.

The uk4u Thanks! Christmas Box appeal, which has sent festive boxes to personnel for 7 years, ensures a present ‘on behalf of the nation’ is sent at Christmas to every serviceman and women working overseas.

People can donate to this and other charities now to show their support and appreciation, and are encouraged to do so rather than sending their own gifts by post.

Sally Little, uk4u Thanks! director and trustee, said:

Christmas is a difficult time for servicemen and  women who are serving away from their families on operations. uk4u sends them all a Christmas box filled with useful and fun items.

This year over 18,000 boxes will be sent all over the world using spare space in military transport; therefore we do not put additional strain onBFPO at Christmas. We know from feedback received that this helps to raise the morale of our troops at Christmas.

uk4u would like to thank all our sponsors and members of the public who donate, without whose support we would not be able to send the boxes.

Service personnel unload aircraft
Military personnel work through the night to ensure service personnel get their presents on Christmas morning (library image) [Picture: Corporal Jamie Peters, Crown copyright]

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