` Facebook reportedly in talks to take-over over `Titan Aerospace’ and build its own fleet of Drones ‘

#AceSocialNews says that Facebook is reportedly in talks to take over an American-based aerospace company, and if so the social networking site could soon have its fleet of drones delivering the internet to currently unconnected people across the world.

TechCrunch was the first website to report this week on rumors that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is interesting in acquiring Titan Aerospace — a deal that is believed to be worth as much as $60 million.

But while that hefty sum is not exactly chump change, it’s just a fraction of what Facebook has spent on other acquisitions recently: Facebook bought mobile photo app Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stock in 2012, and only weeks ago forked over nineteen-times that to acquire the rights to the WhatsApp program.

This time, however, Facebook could be getting its hands on some drones, and ideally harnessing the abilities of those unmanned aerial vehicles to bring the internet to the estimated 2.7 billion people currently without access.

Titan Aerospace is responsible for making near-orbital, solar-powered drones, and TechCrunch says Facebook could be spending millions of dollars to acquire the company and get around 11,000 of those small UAVs in return.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s new arsenal would be composed of Titan’s “Solara 60” UAVs, an aircraft that can carry a payload of 250 pounds apiece.

On the Titan website, the company explains that these drones can be used for anything from weather monitoring to disaster recovery to earth imaging, and provides customers with “easy access to real-time high-resolution images of the earth, voice and data services, and other atmospheric-based sensor systems.”

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My Book Cover

#AceSocialNews says this is a great book, from a great writer and really nice person #mustread

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#AceNewsGroup says to All its Readers “Thank You for 1000 Likes on Our Posts”

WP Like Button#AceNewsGroup says today marks another milestone for our group and it is all thanks to you the readers kind support and all your likes, as we have reached 1000 and we could not do it without your support.

So all l can say is a great big thank you from the Ace News GroupThanks in all languages   


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Facebook = Spybook

#AceSocialNews says “Absolutely agree with your post and l was told years ago – nobody does something for nothing ” In social media circles never a truer word has been spoken #facebook

Fellowship of the Minds


Sometimes when something you want is free, be aware, you might not be looking at the product. You might be the product

International Business Times UK: 
Facebook Sued for Selling Details of Private Messages to Advertisers

New Facebook Policies Sell Your Face And Whatever It Infers

How Facebook Sells Your Personal Information

Facebook selling user content to advertisers

3 Ways Facebook Plans to Exploit Users

We’ve all heard the saying. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” As a follower of Christ, I don’t take such a dark view. But it stands to reason that something as huge as Facebook or Google might be attracting capital from people with less than altruistic motives. And then, when they “go public”, they are pressured more openly to show a strategy of monetization. It’s at that moment that such warm and fuzzy organizations are forced to take their masks…

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“Thought Your Facebook Friends List was Private? Think Again!”

"Facebook Friends Lists Vulnerability"#AceSecurityNews says thought you “Facebook Friends List” was private not according to the latest news from security company “Quotium”  is that a flaw can leave your friends list open to attack.

With attacks being on the rise, Facebook is often targeted by hackers for the information it possesses. Users rely on Facebook to maintain their privacy to the best of Facebook’s ability.

FB responded that: “If you don’t have friends on Facebook and send a friend request to someone who’s chosen to hide their complete friend list from their timeline, you may see some friend suggestions that are also friends of theirs. But you have no way of knowing if the suggestions you see represent someone’s complete friend list.” However, research of this issue has shown that most of the friends list, often hundreds of friends, is available to the attacker. In any case, even a partial friends list is a violation of user-chosen privacy controls.

Since this vulnerability renders the privacy control to hide friend’s lists from other users irrelevant, we hope Facebook will change its mind and this flaw will be addressed.

Thanks goes to Irene Abezgauz, VP Product Management at Quotium and Seeker Research Centre Leader who is credited with the discovery of this vulnerability.

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Ballmer calls Google a ‘monopoly’ that should come under antitrust scrutiny

AceNewsServices says ” Just How Powerful Does Google Have To Become – Before the Anti-Trust Lobbyists Stop Being Afraid of Their Own Shadow” #googleantitrust


Microsoft has been flushing money down the drain trying to make Bing a legitimate threat to Google over the years but outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer says there’s a very good reason for it: If Microsoft doesn’t try to compete with Google in the search realm then no one will. The Verge reports that Ballmer on Thursday lashed out at Google and called its dominance over the search market a monopoly that should face some kind of antitrust regulations.

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Paying to Carry your Shopping Home Gets a Price Tag – But How Much Will You Pay

#AceConsumerNews says call for evidence: “Plastic Bag Charge” for England

Overview: SURVEY 

Plastic Bag Charges just 5pThis Call for Evidence is an opportunity for you to provide evidence on key aspects of how the plastic bag charge in England will work.

Some decisions about how the charge will work have already been made, such as the size of the charge (5p) and what it applies to (single-use plastic bags).  We would like you to focus your responses on the areas where we are still considering the evidence.

Give Us Your Views

Online Survey

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Plastic Bags Destroys Our Environment


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