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VIDEO:KENYA: ‘ POLICE officers known as ” Death Squads kill unarmed terror suspects without impunity ‘

AceNewsServices – Featured Report:KENYA(Nairobi) July.31: Kenyan officers are killing unarmed terror suspects, shakedown victims and even children – spreading fear, breeding corruption and complicating efforts to deal with terrorism, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Kenyas Death Squads

Although death squads have long been known to operate in Kenya, a dozen interviews with victims, police, lawyers, activists and analysts suggest a big share of the violence is also being carried out by ordinary beat cops.

Evidence examined by AP suggests they are almost never punished.

Al-jazeera investigated these death squads  according to Kenyan authorities say they will investigate journalists and sources involved in an Al Jazeera documentary alleging that radical Muslim preachers were killed by police “death squads“.

At least three preachers accused of espousing militant ideas have been shot dead in Kenya by unidentified assailants in the past two years.

The state has repeatedly denied any involvement, despite accusations by Muslim activists and protesters. But Al Jazeera’s programme, aired on TV, included interviews with unnamed security sources who said they had carried out the killings as members of such squads.

The Interior Ministry said the government had “instructed relevant authorities to begin investigations with a view to bringing charges against those involved in Al Jazeera’s documentary”.

It said the documentary was “deliberately skewed to support and empathise with terrorists and their sympathisers”.

Ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka said the authorities were aware that visiting journalists, rather than Nairobi-based staff, had produced the piece. He said those involved might “not be very welcome” if they ever wanted to return to Kenya.

Al Jazeera, which is based in and funded by Qatar, said it was deeply concerned by the Kenyan government’s threat against those involved in making the documentary.

“Al Jazeera urges the Government of Kenya (GoK) not to attack journalists or to curtail freedom of speech, but instead to confront the serious allegations that its agents commit extra-judicial killings,” the channel said in a statement.

Two police sources told Reuters that at least one of the three unnamed security sources who appeared as silhouettes in Al Jazeera’s programme, entitled “Inside Kenya’s Death Squads“, had already been identified by the authorities.

Contributions: Al Jazeera – Reuters – AP


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EPA: ‘ Fails to punish corrupt employees & allows them to keep government paychecks – federal audit ‘

#AceNewsServices – Featured Report:July.31: The scandal-plagued agency that’s wasted millions to bring under-served and minority communities “environmental justice” fails to punish corrupt employees and allows them to keep their government paychecks, according to a new federal audit.

It involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which just a few years ago was investigated for dodging potential public scrutiny and possibly congressional oversight by using bogus electronic mail accounts to conduct official business. This occurred under President Obama’s first EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, who dedicated tens of millions of dollars to an “environmental justice” movement that helps minority communities get green. Under the program the EPA has doled out large sums to left-wing community groups that help poor, minority and indigenous people increase recycling, reduce carbon emissions through “weatherization,” participate in “green jobs” training and avoid heat stroke.

Other EPA transgressions have been reported by Judicial Watch over the years, including agency funds going to groups that help illegal immigrants. In fact, JW uncovered documents that show a New Jersey nonprofit (Lazos America Unida) that advocates on behalf of the “Mexican immigrant community” and a Missouri farm workers’ group that aims to increase awareness about the dangers of sun and heat exposure in migrant populations were among EPA grant recipients. A few years ago the EPA gave Tijuana $93,000 to launch Mexico’s green transformation.

Earlier this year the EPA served as an inspiration for a bill introduced in Congress to curb an epidemic of federal employees watching pornography on government computers during work hours. The congressman who introduced the law disclosed that various EPA Inspector General probes have uncovered multiple cases of employees working hard at watching porn. “One EPA employee was viewing as much as 6 hours of pornography a day in his office,” the congressman said. “The same federal employee was found to have downloaded as many as 7,000 pornographic files onto his government computer.”

With this consistent record of perpetual lapses over the years, it’s hardly surprising that this bloated agency with an annual budget of nearly $8 billion sits idly by while its workforce engages in illegal behavior. The EPA does little to discipline employees for misconduct, according to the latest report issued by the agency’s inspector general to Congress. It includes a multitude of examples in which the agency failed to take action against workers who committed wrongdoing. For instance, a senior executive simultaneously worked in a private-sector job while he was supposedly performing tasks at the EPA. Agency brass took no action for nearly a year and ultimately put the executive on “paid administrative leave,” allowing the worker to collect full pay for doing nothing.

Other cases include eight employees accused by the EPA of misconduct who are also on paid leave and have accrued around 21,000 hours at a cost of more than $1 million and two employees who got busted watching porn during work hours. Each of the porn viewers has an annual salary of $120,000 and both were placed on administrative leave for a year before they were even reprimanded, according to the audit. One of them retired with full benefits without any punishment and the other is still collecting a full government paycheck. The anecdotes go on and on. “Recent events and activities indicate a possible ‘culture of complacency’ among some supervisors at the EPA regarding time and attendance controls, employee computer usage, real property management, and taking prompt action against employees,” the report says.


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YEMEN: ‘ Stalled UN Peace-Talks & Violence Erupts in Region – though still talking @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – #BreakingUpdate: YEMEN:June.19: Stalled UN-brokered peace talks on Yemen conflict held in Geneva have shown no signs of moving toward an overall truce, AFP reported.

A two-week humanitarian truce is increasingly unlikely, and the parties are expected to focus on the chances of cease fires in separate small towns, sources say. The government is demanding a rebel retreat from Aden and Taez, where the fighting is raging.

Meanwhile, clashes erupted between Popular Resistance and Houthi militiamen north of Taez, Al Arabiya reported. 


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‘ Project Muslim Brotherhood ‘

#AceNewsServices – Editors Post: June.18: I found this post while researching for other posts and thought you the readers would find it interesting l did. It is simply called:

The Project–Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan To Infiltrate, Subvert and Overthrow The American Government And U.S. Constitution–Videos

Posted on September 27, 2012.


GBR:  You need to understand The Project PART 1 

Background Articles and Videos

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview 


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Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 3: Influence Operations Against Conservatives & the GOP 

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Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 5: The Organizations Islamists Are Using to Subvert the Right 

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Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 9: Team Obama & the Islamist Agenda

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 10: What’s To Be Done? 



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@AceNewsServices Indian Fishermen released from Karachi Jail

#AceNewsReport – PAKISTAN:June.18: Pakistan on Thursday released 113 Indian fishermen, AFP reported. The fishermen, who had been kept in a Karachi jail for nine months to a year, were put on a train bound for the eastern border city of Lahore.

The release of the Indian fishermen followed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s phone call to his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, on Tuesday.

India’s leader offered best wishes to his counterpart on the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and announced the release of the detained fishermen in an apparent move to ease bilateral tensions.

Fishermen are frequently arrested by both India and Pakistan because the maritime border between the two countries in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined.


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@AP #Charleston Church Shooting #BreakingUpdate VIDEO & Photo @AceBreakingNews


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