PAKISTAN: ‘ Three-Day Heatwave Claims Hundreds of Lives ‘

#AceNewsReports – PAKISTAN:June.23: More than 700 people have died from a three-day heatwave in southern Pakistan, officials said Tuesday.

The death toll in worst-hit Karachi, where temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius at the weekend, was at least 450 while another eight to 10 people died in other parts of southern Sindh province, AFP reported Sabir Memon, a senior provincial health official, as saying.

Neighboring India a month ago suffered the second-worst heatwave in its history, with more than 2,000 deaths.


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#AceNewsServices – UNITED KINGDOM:Dec.11- A low pressure system underwent what is known as “explosive cyclogenesis” – or less formally became a “weather bomb” – when it intensified rapidly with a steep decline in pressure, between Greenland and Iceland late on Monday and early on Tuesday. 

This animation shows the system developing and progressing from 11:00 UTC on Monday 8 December, until 09:00 UTC on Wednesday 10 December. 

The animation was generated using infrared data from Meteosat, over NASA’s Blue Marble. 

The system has brought strong wind to Iceland and to the United Kingdom and Ireland, with particularly high waves on the open sea. The waves were described as “phenomenal” in the shipping forecast for the Rockall area. 

The low pressure system, known in some countries as Alexandra, has also brought strong wind to northern areas of mainland Europe.


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#AceNewsServices – PHILIPPINES – Dec.06 – More than half a million people in the Philippines are fleeing the oncoming typhoon Hagupit. It is one of the world’s biggest peacetime evacuations as the storm, approaches the country’s east coast.

Although it has not been categorized as a ‘super typhoon,’ like Typhoon Haiyanit, which decimated parts of the country 13 months ago, it still has the potential to cause widespread damage and create storm surges up to 4.5 meters.

The latest update from Philippine weather authorities said that Hagupit, which means “smash” in Filipino, was weakening slightly, though it still has powerful gusts. 

The Philippine weather authorities said that as of 16:00 local time on Friday (08:00 GMT) Hagupit was 370km (230 miles) east of Eastern Samar and moving at 13km/h, a relatively slow speed.

It is expected to make land early on Sunday morning. “We call on residents to voluntarily evacuate because the forecast is there will be a storm surge,” said Sofronio Dacillo, head of the disaster agency in the island province of Biliran, which was reported by Reuters.

Haiyan – known as Yolanda in the Philippines – was the most powerful typhoon ever recorded over land. It tore through the central Philippines in November 2013, leaving more than 7,000 dead or missing.

Projected path of Typhoon Hagupit
Hundreds of residents take shelter inside the provincial capitol of Surigao city close to central Philippines, 5 December 2014

Tens of thousands sought shelter as the typhoon neared

It could bring storm surges up to one storey high, as well as heavy rain and the risk of landslides, officials have warned.

Schools and government offices are closed in some areas and there were long queues at shops and petrol stations as people stocked up on supplies.

‘Deja vu’

In Tacloban, many people have taken shelter in the sports stadium.

“It’s deja vu, but not the same as last year with Haiyan,” local resident Mariano Tan Jr told the BBC.

“We’re already prepared… we’ve stored basic commodities – water, rice, beans, fuel. We’re also prepared in case of a power cut.

“We intend to stay,” he added. “We survived last year, we will do it again tomorrow. We will still stand our ground because no calamities can break us apart.”

About 19,000 people from coastal villages are in 26 evacuation centres, Tacloban’s disaster office spokesman Ilderando Bernadas told Reuters.

He said that number was expected to double as the authorities began forcing people to evacuate.

Filipino fishermen carry a fishing boat as strong winds brought by an upcoming typhoon hits Legazpi city, Albay province, Philippines, 5 December 2014

Fishermen are returning to shore and anchoring their boats in anticipation of the typhoon

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` Earthquake of 6.7 Magnitude has struck off the coast of Japan ‘

#AceWeatherNews says that a 6.7 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan, near Okinawa, the US Geological Survey said.

The National Weather Service’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre announced that no tsunami is expected as the earth shook at a depth of 110 km off the Ryakyu Islands.


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` Earthquake measuring 6.4 Magnitude has struck off Nicaragua ‘

#AceBreakingNews says reports of a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck Nicaragua, the US Geological Survey reported.

The epicentre of the quake was estimated at a depth of 70.9 kilometers in the ocean and 23 kilometers away from the town of Jiquilillo.

Government officials said that the earthquake was felt across the country.

There were no reports of personal or material damage.


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