JAPAN:VIDEO: ‘ Alert of increased activity near newly restarted Sendai nuclear power plant ‘

#AceNewsReport – JAPAN:Aug.15: Japan has warned that the Sakurajima volcano, located 50 km from the just-restarted Sendai nuclear power plant, is showing signs of increased activity.

The volcano, located on the southern Kyushu Island, is one of the most active in Japan, but a larger-than-usual eruption may come, the country’s Meteorological Agency said. Roughly 100 people living near the mountain’s base were told to be prepared for evacuation. The Sendai plant was brought online on Tuesday after a long delay after safety overhaul prompted by the Fukushima disaster.

The national nuclear regulator believes that volcanic activity poses only a negligible threat to the facility.

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@AceNewsServices Japan offers Aid of $3.5-million to #RohingyaMuslims fleeing #Myanmar

#AceNewsReport – TOKYO:June.20: Tokyo has offered aid of $3.5 million through global agencies, such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, to help Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said Saturday.

The money will be used to provide for food and shelter, as well as to fund data analysis of the refugees’ maritime movements. In 2015, at least 25,000 people have been taken to boats from Myanmar and Bangladesh to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, the UN estimates.

The Rohingya people are considered “stateless entities” in mainly Buddhist Myanmar. Some 1.3 million Rohingyas live in the country’s western Arakan state.

Myanmar views them as illegal Bangledeshi immigrants and refuses to recognize them as an ethnic group.


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MOSCOW: ‘ Putin looking for talks with Shinzo Abe over Kuril Islands ‘

#AceNewsReport – MOSCOW:June.20: Russian president Vladimir Putin said he was “very keen” to hold talks with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, in a bid to resolve the dispute over the Kuril Islands, Kyodo news agency reported.


“All problems have a solution,” the Russian leader said during a press briefing at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The sparsely populated Kuril Islands were assigned to the Soviet Union at the conclusion of World War II, but Japan has insisted on the return of the four southernmost islands, which it says are not a part of the Kurils, and should never have been seized by the USSR.

Putin also said that “Japan bears responsibility for the cooling of relations between our countries” and suggested that Tokyo “needs to come up with new ideas for resolving the territorial dispute, which has reached an impasse.”


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Article: Shinzo Abe risks 'disgracing Japan's people' by glossing over war record

#AceNewsReport – Headlines: Japan: June.10:
Shinzo Abe risks ‘disgracing Japan’s people’ by glossing over war record


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AUSTRALIA: Deny they paid any bribes to #FIFA officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – #BreakingUpdate AUSTRALIA:June.09: Australia has denied any brides were received by them in 2020 World Cup bid.

Australia secured only one vote despite ploughing Aus$43 million (US$32 million) into its pitch. It was competing against the United States, Japan, South Korea and Qatar, which was controversially awarded the tournament.


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#AceWorldNews – SOUTH KOREA:Dec.18 – South Korea, the US and Japan have produced significant progress on a pact on sharing their military intelligence, Seoul’s Defence Ministry said.

The information is intended to better deal with threats from North Korea, Yonhap reported.

The three countries have yet to reach a final consensus on the issue.

The ministry denied a report by Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper that the allies will sign the deal by the end of this year.




#AceWorldNews – JAPAN – Nov.07 – Regional authorities in Japan on Friday approved the restart of the idled Sendai nuclear plant of Kyushu Electric Power Co, Reuters said.

'First Nuclear Power Plant to Open Since Fukushima '

‘First Nuclear Power Plant to Open Since Fukushima ‘

The move paves the way for a revival of the stalled industry, more than three years after the Fukushima disaster.

The two-reactor Sendai plant is located 1,000km south-west of Tokyo in Kagoshima prefecture.

On Friday, 38 of the 47 members of Kagoshima’s prefectural assembly backed the restart.

The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pushed to restart the fleet of 48 offline reactors.


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